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The time has come to act sustainably. While the fashion industry is only getting faster, with more seasons and with an eager to provide multiply styles, it is important to know that the production phase of a garment accounts for the most environmental impact. Actually, the fashion industry is the second largest polluters in the world and less than one percent of clothing is recycle to make new clothes. It should no longer be possible to want more and and get it for lower prices.
By choosing pre-used vintage clothing you can change the environmental mark made by a garment – it means no material production, no dyeing, no weaving or sewing and no harmful industry for factory workers. Reduce your purchases and buy only what you need. Use your garments for as long as possible and take good care of them. For those special occasions that require a one time look, rent your outfit and return it to us afterwards.

If possible, choose the pick up option to collect your items in Malmö. To reduce further shipment emissions, we send the items to the nearest a pick up place for you to collect.


Please treat your garments with care. After use, brush your garments with a clothes brush. Instead of a washing machine, air your garment. You can hand wash any stains with bile soap and it is also possible to wash garments by hand. When it is time to machine wash use a cool temperature and avoid tumble drying and fabric softener.

Repair any damages and give your garments an update if needed. Reduce the risk of harmful insects with cedar wood or small bags of lavender. Keep wool garments and fragile fabric in garments bags, or just in a biodegradable plastic bag.

Thick white cotton can stand anything, you can even boil it. However, take it easy with delicate fabrics like rayon, silk and satin. Air them or let them have a cool bath if needed. Hang them up carefully, and avoid wood material that can leave awful marks. These fabrics can be significantly more fragile when aging. Notice how you store them, sometimes it is better to keep them flat rather than on a gallow. Brush wool items like your suit or coat, and when needed, hand them in for dry cleaning. If possible, keep your wool and fur items in the freezer.



We handpick products that will last through seasons and years. This is pure style, and no fast trends. A vintage garment is often made in high quality natural materials, tailored to perfection. These garments were made with care to last for decades.

Our products are pre-used items. That means, some of the items have marks and stains. We accept them, these imperfections show the history of a garment.


Don’t be afraid to use your vintage items. However, keep in mind that some of the items are one of a kind, made by hand in the most exquisite materials. Take as much care of them as the previous owners, then your garments can last for many more years.

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